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Airrobbed is a hilarious, true-crime podcast that takes place in a college setting where a handful of students' airpods have gone missing! It's up to Aubrey Fisher to find out who's stolen them in Airrobbed: The Airpod...cast. I took on the role of audio editor for Airrobbed.

Habit of Force

Habit of Force is a Lancer TTRPG actual play podcast about featuring a cast of silly, mecha mercenaries. The podcast takes place in the world of Brandon Sichling's upcoming Habit of Force video game. I took on the role of audio editor for the first two episodes.


SideQuest is a video game podcast that brings on a new guest each episode to talk about a different game of their choice. We discuss everything video game related from music to game design to writing. On SideQuest, I took on the role of host, composer, and audio editor. Come check it out and quest with us!

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